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Carol B

"The Scratch and Sniff pattern papers were a great idea for the cupcakes, candy and rainbow designs, not so much for the elephants and monkeys!"

Carol B

Christine Meyer

Steven what do you think about this face for silly wedding pictures?

marie sierra

"whadda you mean CHA ended already??!!!@@$$"


"Steven, really....could you move over a few feet the next time you decide to let one rip".

Denise Bryant

Acccchhhhooo! I TOLD you I was allergic to cats!

Bethany Becker

I don't want to watch anymore baseball. Bridzillas is on!


Justin Bieber rocks! shucks, sucks.

Annette Allen

sweet baby these are sour....

cute photo Stephanie... :)
nice to see you at CHA..


...thinking about a new fabulous Bella Blvd collection...!

stacie d

"@#$%&* , Don't mess with Bridezilla,ok?! I'm short on sleep from CHA!"

Pam Spradlin

Holy S@$#%! That collection is so darn cute!!!

Mary-Anne V.

Man my curls are too tight! What a funny picture... enjoy your weekend.

Melinda Wilson

"What did you feed my dog?"

Larissa Heskett =)

This was a FUN giveaway!! THANKS for the chance and I am so HAPPY for you on the AMAZING new collections and a GREAT CHA!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

scrapper al

OOUCCCCCHHHHH! You said a tattoo would only sting a little!

Luz Maria Martin del Campo

I told you to go easy on the tabasco!!!


yee haw yee haw
do i look like a donkey eating briars?

Fleur Smith


Cindy deRosier

"These pretzels are making me thirsty!"

Melissa S.

"Do I have schometing in my cheeth?"

(Actually, to be honest, it looks like you might be saying a bad word!!!!)

That's a keeper!

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