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Sav O'G

HAPPPPPY 4th birthday!!! My fav birthday was about six years ago, my husband paid off my entire college loan for me.

THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

Andrea Eason

Love this fun line! Every year the CKC convention falls on my birthday, so each year, I have a fun new memory of scrapping and shopping with friends!

Leslee Cotterell-Barrow

Bella Blvd is 4 and my grandson just turned 4 the other day. I love that froggie paper. I love celebrating birthdays with my 2 grandkids. Just seeing celebrations through their eyes is so special!!!!

dianne gray

happy 4th birthday awesome bella products


My favorite birthday memory wasn't for my birthday. It was the day we celebrated my son's first birthday. I was flooded with emotions as I brought the cake to him, with the one candle lit, and everyone singing to me. Congratulations of 4 years...can't wait to see what's in store for Bella in the future!

Kelly Sas

So very proud of all you have accomplished in 4 short years! Congrats! My favorite b-day memory is my 16th b-day. I had a slumber party and when my classmates and I get together still to this day at reunions they always say it was the best party ever. Won't go into the details but we sure had fun! :)


My favorite birthday memory is each of my baby's first birthdays. It is just such a special day!

Christine Meyer

My favorite birthday was when my soon to be fiancé flew across th country to surprise me for my 21st birthday. I thought for sure he was gonna pop the question but he didn't. He held out for an even bigger surprise a couple weeks later. We just celebrated 12 years of marriage a few weeks ago! Your designs are amazing!

Cathy B...

My favorite bday memory was celebrating with my hubby in Las Vegas for both of our 40th birthdays! FUN!!!


My favorite birthday memory is pretty much every birthday when I was a kid. My parents always got us these amazing cakes & made such a big deal out of our birthdays, it was amazing. I can't wait to do the same for my kids someday.

Moira Coward

My favourite birthday.. isn't really my own.. it is my son's.. when we adopted our boys, my youngest turned 9 exactly one month after he arrived. We did his birthday up big time... friends and family all came to go mini-golfing. It was so fun to watch this boy have a spectacular birthday. He was so overwhelmed, but can look back now, almost 5 years later (in 20 days), and realize just how far he has come and while he will tell you that his is the lucky one to come into our family, we truly believe that we are the ones who are lucky.

Happy Birthday Bella Blvd... thanks for encouraging me, allowing me to be creative and most importantly thank you for helping me provide a history for my children.


Love these collections. birthday memory...I grew up in a LARGE family, in poverty. Of course I didn't realize the poverty part because I just knew I was in a loving family. For my birthday (probably my 6th), my mother managed to have all the other kids outside playing and she brought me in and gave me a cupcake, a bag of chips, and a soda to celebrate. Not enough for everyone, but it made me feel special.


Hmmm....a favorite birthday memory. I would say having my bestfriend and my family around in our backyard several years ago. My husband got me a scrapbook themed birthday cake. The day went so smoothly. So intimate and perfect.

Ann Jobes

How lovely of you to do a giveaway here too & congratulations on your 4th Bella Birthday! My favourite birthday memory is a recent birthday celebrated at the cottage. Lots of family and friends came, several of them bringing cakes, because we were at the cottage and some of them assumed my husband wouldn't or couldn't have that base covered, which he did. I think we had 4 cakes out for dessert that day. But the blessing was having family and friends surround me for my special day.


congrats on your success! i think that my favorite birthday memory is actually of my daughter's 2nd bday-she had so much fun and had a face full of frosting by the end of the day! :)

Kathy Skou

Happy 4th Birthday! I'm so excited for the new collections! I think our favorite birthday memory is when we took our daughter to NYC to American Girl place for her 9th birthday. She had such a fun time, she couldn't even speak!

Shellie Anderson

Turning 21 and traveling around Upper Michigan with my two best friends. It was a summer of independence and it was beautiful.

Melinda Wilson

My favorite birthday memory was two years ago at my 50th Surprise Party. It was an awesome fun time!

Beth Maxwell

Most of my birthdays are usually pretty active and exciting as my birthday is July 1st. Just think evet year i have fireworks! I think one of my most memorable bdays was when I turned 11. My grandpa was very ill and my cousins and I were stayin with my grandparents to help out and to give them comic relief. We had so much fun and grampa enjoyed that time with us. This was the one and only time I remember him singing Happy Birthday because the men folk didnt do that. But, he did it for me. He died a few days later, but I will always cherish that. Thanks for asking

scrapper al

Happy birthday Bella Blvd! Favorite birthday memory? Flowers delivered to the office by a special delivery person. ;)

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