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Sara Andrews

Awww...great photos of a beautiful girl.

If you happen to figure things out, please pass them along. This mother of a 13 year old girl and boy needs ALL the help she can get!

Annette Allen

wow she really does looks a lot like you...very pretty...great photos..


I love these pictures. What a beautiful young lady she is. I've said it before and I'll say it again, she's very lucky to have you to live up to.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

She is so beautiful and looks a lot like you!


Oh you aren't kidding things have changed. My oldest is 24, my middle is 14 (both girls). It is a huge difference in times! The things they do and are into, it is so different. Anabelle is a lucky girl to have such a great family!! glad you had fun at the Dells.

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