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Annette Allen

that looks like so much fun....

Julie Tucker-Wolek

How COOL!!!! I have a tumor in my wrist (no worries... had it my whole life... lol!!) so I cannot do this activity, but I will at a similar event in October cheering on my co-workers while they participate!! One of my co-workers even got us bracelets from the organization that is running it!! Mine says "create" ;) Can't wait to see pics from your event!

Diana Waite

oh this looks like FUN! My girl turns 14 tomorrow and she is in for FUN hubby said, "I thought you didn't like to get dirty?" I told him I do if I can get clean right away! :) I'm not much of a camper.... :) thanks for the info! Looks like it will be November here...

Sara Andrews

Good luck!

My cousin tried very hard to get me to join her in a run very similiar to yours. Only two problems..I don't like to run or get dirty;)

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