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Wow! What an amazing thank you. It means so much to each and every one of us! You are the best Stephanie!

Alice Carman

Thanks Stephanie for the warm and thoughtful send off. I have truly loved being part of Bella Blvd and will always cherish the memories.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Such a sweet and beautiful tribute to your team!!!!


Ok ok a big breath because I'm crying!!! It's really hard to me can write how I feel now! I am really thankful for this experience that made me feel good when I felt sad. Thank you for the the love, the friendship, the warm you gave me along all this year!!
Thank you from the deep of my heart for everything you have done for me!
This was the most beautiful experience I made and I'll never forget and I really want to keep to work for Bella and help Bella to grow up
Stephanie for me you are a friend and to meet you in person was amazing! You are so sweet and you will have always a big place in my heart please let's keep in touch!!! Please don't forget me! This is why I am crazy for scrapbooking because it allowed me to meet new friends all over the world that have a big place in my heart! It's not only paper and goods it's life, it's a big huge experience that fills your heart and make you feel another person!
Please I want to know everything about your wedding and I ll keep to use Bella amazing products always!!! Love you so much Stephanie and ill never forget the amazing experience that was to meet you in person! Ok I have to stop to write :( crying sooo sad:(

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